Saturday, January 01, 2005

FSCR Stock Rises 20% on Merger News

December 22, 2004
The common stock of Fetabits Stemcell Research, LLC (FETA, NASDQ) has risen more than 20% in the last 3 trading
days leading up to Christmas on news of merger talks with widely held Ralston Purina Companies Breakfast of
Champions Division, which is further in Joint Venture talks with the Burger King chain of family fast-food
restaurants which recently acquired Planned Parenthood Corporation in a 12 billion dollar buyout.
The new company will be called Yummi Mad Cow and will be listed on the NYSE index as YUMMC and plans locate processing plants in the kitchens of all new Burger King locations worldwide.
The extensive remodel of the Burger King physical plants will be carried out by a joint venture of Haliburton Inc. Subsidiary Brown and Root in a joint venture arrangement with Eagle Commercial Construction, LLC of Denver, Colorado according to a spokesman for the Denver company.

Board of Directors of the New Company