Sunday, December 03, 2006

Even as Commander and Chief Bush is about to be rebuked by his father’s good ol’ boyz he maintains his ridiculous denial towards the ‘war.’ He seems to have morphed into Baghdad Bob in his protestations of imminent victory in the face of certain defeat. His unprovoked and illegal invasion of a formerly sovereign nation is now disavowed even by his old man. Dumbya has stated that he’ll continue this failed and bloody occupation even if Laura and Barney are his last remaining supporters. It seems to have come to exactly that (and I’m not real sure about Laura.) How does ‘Barney Bush, Secretary of War’ sound to you?

But wait! There’s also erstwhile maverick, i.e. ‘loose cannon,’ Johnny McCain to consider. McCain, in positioning himself to become Secretary Barney’s new boss, is advocating doubling the US military commitment to this lost cause- this even after being famously slandered, dirty-tricked and screwed over by his buddy Bush in the republican primaries 6 years ago. Can you say: Stockholm Syndrome?

The Baker Commission will not have the balls to propose the obvious solution to this quagmire: springing Saddam and allowing him to reassume the presidency of this shit-hole of a nation- that, coupled with a Hague prosecution of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Pearl and the rest of these war criminals.