Sunday, March 23, 2008

Reality is a four dimensioned continuum subsumed by the Dialectical Process. By Abstraction it is possible to establish intersecting points of coincident relationship among any and every actual entity. Such intersections are necessarily unmeaning unless and until a theory demonstrating the significance of any particular nexus can be established. The method of constructing such a theory is what we call ‘reason,’ or more properly ‘dialectic.’ And of course it is also always possible to abstract any order of description to justify any reality based upon any category that conscious observer may wish to infer: that, for example, George Bush and John Kerry are distant cousins. But until the significance of this observation is established it remains merely a curious outgrowth of coincident relationship.

So what exactly is the theory that subsumes the dialectic of coincidental relationships among the multiplicity of Actual Occasions? Einstein called it the Ether- the matrix (Universe) in which all AO (Actual Occasions/Entities)* are ineluctably conjoined and entangled.

That, of course, is the macro sense of the theory. Ether is analogous to ‘blood’ when considering the theory’s application to the human mind- or any mind. All possible points within the brain are connected in an all dimensioned continuum to all other points via immersion in this liquid medium- a Wet System. The ‘speed of light’ does not apply to Wet Systems. Within any Wet System communication among all immersed AE/AO is instantaneous. Quantum Mechanics is not the underlying theory, but rather simply an abstraction from Wet Systems reality.

“Wetsystems: It’s not your father’s Oldsmobile”

*Science in the Modern World, Alfred North Whitehead