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Broadbent and Shawanna threaten libel suit!

A really pissed Steve Broadbent (above)

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Here is my take on what transpired at RU.

I was invited over by Zorgon who was invited over by ignorethefacts.

Right out of the gate there were many insults but nothing I haven't come to expect.

Access Denied's emotional immaturity manifests itself every time he opens his mouth.

I met him over at ATS and found out he was a wiring technician for a Chinese guy and his mother. He is also a closet biker

All of his posts, though, would leave the unsuspecting and unwary to believe that he worked for the Air Force Research Laboratory and he said as much many times.

He stated in one post that if ever a flying saucer was recovered that we, all of us at ATS, could be assured that it would probably be given to his company to evaluate.

That of course eliminated him as an employee of AFRL. Then we started doing some checking and turns out he works for a little company with headquarters in the south and as far as education all he had was a 2 year electrical degree.

This may account for the bitterness in all of his posts. I honestly don't know what to attribute his lack of emotional maturity whether it is his failure to have accomplished anything in his life, his lack of education, problems at home or some other factor.

He posted a resume on his website a few years ago and what was interesting was that he listed who he had worked for and then listed their accomplishments instead of what he did for them and his accomplishments.

It's like he wanted to believe that his whole life has not been wasted just splicing wires with twistees, soldering connections and displaying his ignorance on the web.

The Kep Tepi guys seems to be unwarily ignorant having accounted for the missing Boeing 767 engines in the WTC by describing the destruction of the CF-6 and P&W engines under 'tons of steel". Now that's just plain ignorance.

Both yfxxx and Chorleton are the loudest of this pack of feral web coyotes. But I think Chorleton has a slight edge over yfxxx because he can ignorantly howl the longest and loudest.

The rest of the pack are just there to yippity, yip, yip, yap into the night each one trying to yippity yap the loudest and best while clinging to the psycho-babble of intellectual morons like Colin Bennett.

RU could most accurately be described as a feral pack of ignorant bullies whose main accomplishment on our planet is the waste of good oxygen.

John Lear May 3, 2008