Saturday, May 24, 2008

Notes on the assassin tapes...

A Cancer on the Presidency

...and its name is Hillary

MARCH 21, 1973, FROM 10:12 TO 11:55 A.M. 5

DEAN: ...let me give you my overall first.

PRESIDENT: In other words, you, your judgment as to

where it stands, and where we go now---

DEAN: I think, I think that, uh, there's no doubt

about the seriousness of the problem we're,

we've got. We have a cancer--within, close

to the Presidency, that's growing. It's

growing daily. It's compounding, it grows

geometrically now because it compounds


Compounding. Growing geometrically. Close to the Presidency.

A cancer, and its name is Hillary.

Perhaps, just perhaps her latest assassination bullshit, which for a brief moment betrays her abject, pathological mendacity, finally disqualifies her in the minds of the Delegates and the Democratic Party. For, in that brief moment, her inner monster is finally exposed. Sam Power nailed it early on. Randi Rhodes named it. Both paid the consequences meted out by her various piss-boys, household retainers and other assorted sycophants.

No- this is not some vast right-wing conspiracy. This is not sexism. This is her final cork-screw landing in the oncolological petri dish- a bright light shined for one brief moment on pure evil.