Sunday, July 20, 2008

Posted by Gary Bekkum founder of Starstream Research on his blog- Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape
Friday, July 18, 2008
Are Reality Uncovered Moderators Fearful of the Truth?

Since one of the moderators at Reality Uncovered decided to shut off my access, thus preventing me from responding to on-going inquiries from RU members, I will continue by responding here.

"Amateur sleuths, using less than ethical methods of investigation, and even less respect for sources and the rules of journalism (apparently due to a general lack of ethical guidance), ignore the prerequisite professional rules for truthful reporting."

From an email sent to Ray Hudson by me yesterday:

There are 20 sub-forums at RU. The last post totals are: chorlton-7, ryan-4, steve-3, ray-3, others-3. AD must be attending a banner's society convention. The site is dominated by the same coterie of choir boys continually- the same crew of debunkers chasing out anyone of differing viewpoint in cacophony of horse laughs.

A Ufologist whom I hold in the highest regard, Jacques Vallee had this to say in an
interview yesterday:

"By denying the reality of the reports, brushing aside the witnesses...and treating them like fools or crooks, the academic skeptics are actually teaching the public that science is impotent at studying the phenomenon."

Add to that 'gratuitous ad hom attacks,' as in the case of Gary Bekkum, and you have perfectly described the methods of RU.

If you're happy with that then more power to ya.

For the record- almost all RU's ideas concerning USG intelligence community interest in the UFO phenomena, Kit Green, and Ron Pandolfi were purloined lock, stock and barrel from the work products of either Starstream Reasearch or Dan Smith. The RU 'researchers' have actually done no real research in these areas but rather have relied on Gary Bekkum to do all the heavy lifting- while at the same time both importuning and compromising his sources. This mendacious courtship has resulted in the forum being used by these same sources for the planting of spooky disinformation and has finally led to the demise of the site's credibility and membership participation. It seems to me that the scape-goating and ultimate banning of Gary Bekkum is simply a cynical attempt to finalize the charade by assuming ownership of Bekkum's research.

It is interesting to note that after 2 years of existence RU has about 170 members of whom 6! are active. The forum currently consists of:

1. withering attacks on Bill Irvin of ATS and Gary Bekkum of Starstream Research
2. a smarmy angel counting religious thread run by a paranoid Christian fundamentalist
3. an ongoing debunk of Ufology by the use of Phil Klass-type methods and
4. maudlin complaints by Chorlton about his various health issues.