Saturday, July 26, 2008


From here:

Time for some of that famous outside-the-box thinking. Think- "Post Automobile" and you'll be on the right track. How many french fries are required to produce a gallon of this crap? It's the dumbest of all dumbfuck ideas. The internal combustion engine is as passé as the flat earth. Just let the economy kill the fucking thing rather than searching out ways to reform an obsolete technology. It's high time to rediscover the most essential mode of transportation- legs. Maybe we need to reinvent society so that travel is measured not in miles per french fry but rather in steps. Is there really anyplace worthwhile to go that walking and running and bicycling cannot provide? Is it impossible to recognize that the world got along just fine before Jesus invented Henry Ford and Wilbur Wright? Think in terms of the Indian Nations that were vigorously and happily rubbed out by the Europeans for essentially no other reason than to bring us to this nightmare impasse. Hell- they seemed to manage very nicely without 50 million Chevies farting the world into oblivion.

Just bear in mind that reformers are nothing more than enablers and therefore the enemy of true progress. Our own Gummer grasped the essence of this idea when he committed to 'going raw.' Remember that? Do Luddites and Anarchists not have a point worth considering? Or are they too far outside the box?

The alchemy of transforming food into black gold is nothing more than the desperate act of tossing the axe handle into the fireplace for that last few moments of warmth.

The greatest of mendacious conspiracies? None other than Reform.

Have a good day.

"How can a nation be great when its bread tastes like Kleenex?" Julia Child

We all knew that the skunk was tough- but now he molders in the gutter with his stringy guts being picked over by wild hermit crabs.

yeah i know. but i've been a little leery of kacen ever since it turned out that he fills his pool with the effluence from the new york city liposuction clinic.