Sunday, August 03, 2008


I received this from Bob Collins today. This is indeed a significant disclosure.

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FYI--Big Surprise, very new for a lot of people, see Ed's comments below.....Best.....Robert Collins

Edgar Mitchell wrote:
> Bob, sorry you missed the very beginning of all this. That was the point. I grew up in the Roswell area. I was almost 17 and senior in high school when it happened. Family were ranchers and cattle people. We knew all the ranchers and towns people in the area, including where the UFO impacted. In spite of official denials and threats about talking, the local lore told the story. After my space flight, and being a local boy, people involved, not only the locals, trusted me with their stories, because they were getting older and wanted the truth out, but were afraid to say it publicly; so considered me a trustworthy source to carry their story onward. Been telling it all that way, if anyone bothered to ask my opinion, since the Pentagon incident 11 years ago. Only now, suddenly, it got international media attention. Edgar M
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> Hi Ed, I know the Pentagon story, but what this about "being in Roswell" when the incident happened? Never heard that one for whatever that might mean. Please clue me in. And while I have you see the OM post on New Paris.....Rmc
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> Barbara Wade wrote:
>> When I left email, I was JUST IN TIME TO SEE EDGAR MITCHELL on "Hannity's America". I took notes. He TOLD MORE this time. He said that because he was in Roswell when the "incident" happened, plus being an astronaut and scientist, many locals and scientists wanted to tell him what THEY knew. They showed Walter Haut's death-bed statement. Then he said something I never heard him say before. He said that in 1997, he was at the PENTAGON FOR A DISCLOSURE MEETING! A Vice-Admiral found out THE DISCLOSURE PROGRAM IS IN THE PENTAGON! The Vice-Admiral was TOLD that "HE HAD NO NEED TO KNOW", so he wasn't let in. They mentioned that Gordon Cooper observed a UFO incident and had PHOTOS OF IT, BUT HIS PHOTOS WERE CONFISCATED!
>> Barbara

And this from an email from Ron Pandolfi to Rick Doty concerning Bob Collins:

7/13/2008 10:38 PM: Ronald Pandolfi wrote:


Some wing nuts within the UFO Community might not think much of Robert Collins, but within the senior ranks of the intelligence and defense communities, there are many who consider him an honest and respectable citizen who served this country well. Go after Collins in court, and you are going to have us testifying on his behalf. And we are prepared to open the books.


The significance of the foregoing is that 'disclosure' has now been entirely taken out of Doty's hands. He obviously fucked it up. While we may never know the full story concerning his involvement with Green, Pandolfi, Martinez, Bill Ryan and Serpo, I think we can safely conclude that Doty has been summarily shit-canned. Ed Mitchell and Captain Collins are now in ascendant in my opinion.

The 'core story' of alien visitation (invasion) originates in Roswell in 1947. The UFO cover-up by the US government was designed to deal specifically with that event and ensuing events related to it. That Ed Mitchell was both there at the time and has since gained credibility as an astronaut who has walked on the moon makes him an ideal vehicle for disclosure. Expect more from him- and other astronauts- shortly. Bob Collins will undoubtedly also be in the loop.

I had originally broached this subject at Amkon but have since left that forum which turned out to be full of anti-semitic faux conspiracists and mindless chit-chatterers. All my future posts with reference to disclosure will henceforth be posted here.