Sunday, February 14, 2010

Default Re: The Unithread is here!

John Hicks awakens.
I have nagging questions that bother me about the whole Source A thing.......why bring it only to the people who study Ufology? Why does this type of info again and again get directly targeted to online Ufo communities? Why is this not going into newspapers? At least get George Knapp involved. Outside of visiting this forum, no one discusses, cares, knows about, or gives a rats patootie about any Secret UN meeting or Source A. It is like it was designed just for little ole us. The Pickerings have a bar in a major city with plenty of professional journalists. Some of them are probably new young blood that would love to sink their teeth into this and at least attempt to verify some of it. But it seems like that is a no no. It is just for us little forum dwellers to discuss and discuss until!
John's question is critical: "Why bring it only to the people who study Ufology? Why does this type of info again and again get directly targeted to online UfO communities?" The answer, I believe, lies in IC Collections Agents methods of enabling, manipulating and studying the Ufer petri dish forums such as OM. It appears that Jed, a former OM moderator, finally has a sense of his forum members having been reduced to little more than lab rats by proactive CIA operatives who have conspired to co-opt and subvert the site for their own purposes. The purpose? Hold onto your hats- to emulate the secret seditious methods of the silent ET invasion. In a sense that would not be far from the mark it can be said that the worst fears of Gary Barker have come to fruition. The Men in Black are in actuality unexceptional, middle aged men in pin-striped suits. The only question that remains- and it the largest question of all- is at whose behest do these agents work? Are they ours or theirs? Who can we trust? Is their publication of a picture of the Saint Francis Church as a representation of a Serponian outpost designed to fool the lab rats or bewilder them? Is such obvious fraud designed for the purpose of separating out the credulous 'true believers' for further indoctrination and future pro-action on their behalf? It would appear so. And what is the glue used by these agents to maintain the integrity of their flocks? The promise of a fatuous 'Disclosure' that will never come about. That promise has also taken on religious implications and has become conflated with the inherrent yearning of all true believing CTers to be counted among the 'raptured' in the approaching denouement of history. The role of savior is filled by one Dan T. Smith in the OMer community. Note that he has even referred to himself as the final Messiah in his long and tortured discourses on eschatology- a messiah who also admits to be on the control of a CIA handler by the name of Ron Pandolfi. Smith makes no secret of this connection but rather revels in it.

John Hicks is finally sensing all this but has yet to fully understand the implications. I look for his eventual silencing by the OM moderation team just as they've seen fit to silence other members and syndicates who have attempted to expose their cultist alliance with the post-modern MIBs.

I would ask all Amkoids who are still a members there to publish the above analysis on their forum in the interests of truth.
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