Sunday, February 14, 2010

Re: The Unithread is here!

Not a police state yet, be patient, we are working on it.
HP, this is an incipient police state like none ever before imagined- not by Orwell, not even by Huxley. Here, even though we can mitigate it to a certain degree, we volunteer evidence of our own sedition. We give ourselves up to the GoogleBorg and rejoice when they republish our subversive discussions for the benefit of the IC collectors- and for the benefit of our own conceit. Some vaguely sense the repercussions, while others are too shallow to see anything beyond their next fix. But there will be a reckoning- of that we can be certain. Certainly there's much to be said for Jack's and Snow's recognition of the pressing inevitability of fascist usurpation- the brutal tactics in the mendacious cause of conformity. We see it, we feel it and we protest against it. But there's a tenor of captivity that's even more profound and pernicious- and novel. A paradigm that is sensed rather than felt. The government watchers and their enablers seem to be benign and go unnoticed while their garrote slowly tightens around the collective neck of reasonable polity. By ignoring that we are complicit in our own captivity.
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"We are a country whose greatest science minds are devoted to solving the conundrum of how many gallons of vile crud need to be burned in order to fly one contraption, three men and a bomb from Blefuscu to lilliput."
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