Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The first step in the Boycott of Everything is the boycott of popular culture. By popular culture I mean the 'spectacle' that's given us by the ruling class as a substitute for authentic existence. The most obvious among these is of course is the rampant consumerism that you've mentioned- but that's only one facet of the problem. If one were to incline towards the principle of 'taking only from existence that which we need' the problem solves itself. But such principle requires serious consideration of authentic needs to start with. We need to be serious about life and its continuance and reject everything that contradicts that basic constraint, as Boycotteverything has indicated ad nauseum on these little stitch and bitches for the better part of the last decade. What is required is a study and an immersion in process and a rejection of snap-shot reality- a realization that we are not tourists here in the Disneyland of the mind. What is required is an overcoming of temporal morality and an approach to transcendent Ethics. Will must give way to Imagination and the real revolution can then proceed. Che said, "At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the real revolutionary is motivated by great feelings of love." That's a decent point of departure. The next step in the process then must be the contemplation of the meaning of 'love' per se or his entire argument has no meaning. It has been said that one must 'love oneself' but this is untrue. Real love is a matter of loving everything that is 'not self.' You can see where this leads. What we require in order to love is nothing less than purging the 'self' as a quality of the loved. To love without regard for self is the highest calling and overcomes the conundrum of 'will' and trivial morality that has led humanity to our present nihilistic impasse. So the boycott of everything can also be reasonably expressed as the boycott of self in the first instance. Self preservation gives way to altruism in such a regime- and opens the door to meaningful existence and immersion in process.