Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How exactly do/will they control us?

That we don't know. Nor can we answer the larger question of 'why?' For many years I was on the side of the 'explorer' hypothesis. I figured it was a scientific endeavor- that we were being studied just as we study penguins and lizards. What changed my mind was the testimony of experiencers beginning with the Hills. The deeper I looked- considering the work of Jacobs and Hopkins and Mack- and the further manipulation of Ufology by a strange assortment of intelligence agents (operating in ways not dissimilar to the methods of the silent invaders- who do they serve?) the more I became convinced that this phenomenon was not only real- but immediate. I have come to an understanding that the US Government has studied this problem in depth for the last 63 years and that those who are most responsible for the study have been compromised and co-opted by the very subject of their study. There is a Majestic 12 and there is ongoing contact. And that circumstance, above all else, should worry us. Immersion in the study of Ufology should not be taken lightly nor by the faint of heart.

From an interview with David Jacobs On "The Threat"


Is this what the government knows? Is this the real core story? I think David nails it. He hasn't written on the subject in over 10 years even though his research continues. Is that because he's concluded that there's nothing that can be done about this silent invasion? Yes, and the very thought both stuns him and depresses him. The Earth is slowly and inexorably being incorporated into a Borg. This the reason that any Disclosure will take on a religious and eschatological quality despite the efforts of Exo-polity. The phenomenon can not be controlled and resistance, or even deflection, will ultimately prove to be futile. Don't want to face it? Who can blame you? Maybe it's best to live out these last years immersed in the illusion of freedom laughing at the prospect of incorporation into a malevolent and highly strange new paradigm. "Oh there's nothing to it. Oh it's all just bullshit." Let that denial serve you well. 'Denial Macht Frei,' will serve as a fitting epitaph for the sound and fury show. C'est la vie.