Tuesday, June 10, 2008

AP Breaking Business News
Dateline: Denver, Colorado
Denver Post Exclusive 6/10/08

A start up farming concern in Denver has announced a public stock offering aimed at taking advantage of the great tomato shortage of 2008.
Hudson Farms CFO, Mr. LK Walker, tells the Post that the company is confident that its tomato crop, due for harvest in the Fall of 2008, will be sufficient to make up the world wide shortages caused by the botulism outbreak currently effecting the American tomato crop. "Let me assure the public that a dozen of our organic tomatos will cost less than a tank of gas, plus shipping and handling of course," Mr. Walker stated. "And that's good news for chefs everywhere."
Hudson Farms, LLC hopes to raise $250,000,000 with its initial public offering of 10,000 shares of common stock. "Tomatas is good business," states Mr. Walker.
Indeed it is, sir!