Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Because it's so perfect and apt- this repost from last month...


The evil monster from hell is wounded but is she dead yet?

It seems to have all distilled down to this: Hillary is dead but her flatulent remains are still twitching. And what is the sublime force that sustains her? Simply this: the OBF, The old Bag Factor. The parsing of the election demographics is complete:

Young people- Obama.
Educated people- Obama
Black people- Obama

White old ladies (OB's)- Hillary

And why is that? Why would the most progressive element of the 60's revolution support a monster who's a throwback to Eva Peron? Damned good question. Could it be that they perceive that this is the final possibility for political ascendancy before their immanent date with the soylent green checkout counter? Or might they simply harbor a latent fear of young black men? Hard to say. But we can say this- they are a reactionary force in the body politic. They support Hillary why? Because she has a vagina? Because she has a powerful, perverted husband who greased the political skids? Women are supposed to be all about the protection of their children. But their children reject this pandering pretender by overwhelming margins. Apparently that matters not to the leaky OBs.

But for me- I'll always vote with my kids. The future is theirs, not our's, vagina or no. And they have spoken. And they said: fuckit, let's do it a different way. They said- Barack!. Morons and Old Bags can do or be what they might- but there's a new sheriff in town. There is a beautiful black man in the offing. The world is about to change.