Friday, April 18, 2008

Broadbent responds:

Friday, April 18, 2008

Broadbent responds:
Broadbent reply

Blogger REALITY uncovered said...

Give it a rest ya great big loon. Your obsession with RU is borderline insane. I did find you amusing at one time, as did many people in fact. Now, you simply come across as a sad old man who's only skill appears to be one of misconstruing the facts on a regular basis.

I thought long and hard before making comment here, but seeing as hardly anyone ever does, I thought it would make your day...

Btw, the PayPal contribution link has been on the site for well over a year now, I guess you must have missed it. Same goes for the adverts, I guess you must have missed those too. As for no one contributing to it, it is thanks to those contributions that we have been able to upgrade the hosting package from a simple shared hosting plan to a dedicated server package. Without the generosity of our members, that would not have been possible.

As for the site stats, we are doing exceptionally well, thank you very much. We broke 50000 visitors for the first time last month and we already have over 40000 for this month and it's only the 17th. You do realise RU is not just a forum, don't you?

(Btw, we've had over 50 visits from this very blog, so thanks for that!)

I thought I'd save the best bit until last. The reason AlanTree was banned was for none of the reasons you cited, he was banned because he is YOU - and you have a lifetime ban.

Steve (with nothing better to do, obviously)

2:08 PM
Blogger General Striker said...

In total there are 5 users online :: 1 registered, 0 hidden and 4 guests (based on users active over the past 5 minutes)
Most users ever online was 182 on Mon Jul 02, 2007 8:21 pm

Registered users: Yahoo [Bot]

12:42 PM
Blogger General Striker said...

4 lurkers (3, not counting me) and a Yahoo Bot. Great performance there! Cutting edge, might I add...

12:49 PM
General Striker says:
And please note that the main thrust of my original post was never addressed. Here it is:

1. The site has become abjectly debunkerist in the method and style of the late (and thoroughly discredited) Phil Klass. Imagination and outside-the-box thinking will always get one banned there. For original thinkers access will always be denied. In fact the moderator who performs these intellectual executions even proudly calls himself "Access Denied."

Why is that?

During the past couple of years various liars have been elevated to the position of 'moderator' on the RU forum by both Broadbent and his butt-boy co-host Ryan Doob. They include: Dr. Dankk, Shawanna Sweet Spot, Max von Schickelgruber, Hidden Googler, and Access Denial.

Let's take a look at these scumbags.

Dr. Dankk falsely claimed to be a doctor. He was vouched for by Doob and Broadbent and eventually exposed as a fraud. He was then shit-canned by RU management.

Shawanna falsely claimed to be a researcher. She was elevated to 'partner' status by Doob and Broadbent and proceeded to post hundreds of scurrilous rants on the forum. She shamelessly defamed Victor Martinez and Bob Collins despite her own amazing history as a bankrupt scoff-law. She eventually, in a fit of depression, erased all of her posts- rendering RU all but unintelligible.

Then there was Max the nazi. Elevated to the position of moderator by Doob and Broadbent, he continued the tradition of outrageous dissembling by surreptitiously invading Open Minds Forum for the purpose of recruiting their members to migrate to RU (as Doob and Broadbent had done previously.) When he was exposed by John Hicks as an RU quisling he was shamelessly defended by Doob and Broadbent until the truth could nolonger be denied- at which point he simply disappeared back into the rathole from which he was originally salvaged by the Dooby-Butt-Boyz.

And then, of course, there is the current edition of mendacious moderation- Access Denied- whose only qualification as moderator has to do with his banning at ATS by Springer for being a consummate, lying putz and pain in the ass- as well as his ability to use Google as a pretense for research. His main function at RU seems to be a continuing bitchy whine against Springer and an adherence to Klassic, know-nothing debunkery in league with Youcancallmeray- AKA: meme-boy. Good enough qualifications for Doob- despite the support Springer had given to the RU forum over the years. It is well known that Springer's support for the forum was crucial for its early success. Thrown under the bus, however, was he- all in the name of building readership. (...a ploy that has dismally failed. See above site participation.)

If all of the foregoing seems disgusting and has you on the verge of puking- I'm sorry. But the truth must out.
Posted by General Striker at 12:51 PM