Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This from Der Spiegel this morning:

Olympic Flame Now 'Symbolizes Repressive Regime'

The global Olympic torch run has descended into chaos and China has only itself to blame, write German media commentators. The protests have even created a new sport -- "Flame Extinguishing."

The Torch of Death is but the latest gift from China-Mart (otherwise known as the Neo-Fascist Borg.)

The Borg at work

The call to Boycott is growing hour by hour. For the sake of the People of Tibet add your voice.

Jacques Rogge may give a shit about how high some bearded women can jump but that beautiful Olympian spirit seems to be lost on a Buddhist monk with a jackboot on his neck.

Mr. Rogge looks on as the torches passes by

FREE TIBET/Boycott the Olympics