Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hibits' latest post at WyzWyrlde:

Well it seems as if our old friend and member, Chillibum, has finally taken the religious zealots to task over at RU. His initial thrust was in demanding that Thumper (Savonarola) Scarz provide a modicum of proof for his angelic meanderings. Good work, old man. But it seems our Chipdink has pissed off the intrepid Reverend Dubious and his choir of butt-boyz who continue to maintain that the 'teachings' (read: superstitions) of the good book require no proof for their proposition that we are indeed controlled by a coterie of invisible demons.

I think Chimpbutton's point is well taken: how can a forum which purports to consist of rational skeptics not question the ludicrous claims of the religious nutters in their midst? I guess that in the last analysis when the heavy stone that covers clarity is lifted by that ridiculous icky-feelings-pool of Reality-Uncoverists what they expose is a viscous cluster of dissembling, evil creepy-crawlies... Oh my!! Put the stone back and run like hell to jeezizzz!!

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Said Savonarola Scarz to Chumpchange:

" You have a right to your opinion Chorlton as I have a right to mine. If you think of me as a lunatic for valuing scripture you aren't the first and certainly will not be the last. If I'm wrong on my belief in God and the scriptures then when it's all said and done,I will have lost nothing.

Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

To which I would add:

As your fellow lunatic and intellectual superior, Dan Quayle, so famously admonished: "A mind is a terrible thing to lose."

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