Thursday, April 03, 2008

This from Politico
Traversing the country this week on a tour of places that have shaped his life and informed his values, John McCain spoke in strikingly personal language to introduce himself to the American public.

But missing so far is any significant mention of religious faith.

So there's hope for American polity. John McCain, to his credit, refuses to wallow in the religious pigshit that brought us, among other things, the Iraq war. Might it yet be the case that the McCain- Obama contest will be about issues- free of this sort of irrational crap? One can only hope.

My hat is off to McCain for resisting the thumpers.

That being said- I can envision myself actually voting for this guy if the evil bitch somehow manages to steal the nomination. Nahhhh- I'd vote for Nader.

On a different subject- what do you suppose would happen in Denver if the lipsticked pig steals the nomination? Denver, Colorado is Obama country- This I know because I'm a Denver guy and a Denver alternate delegate to the state Convention. When the evil-one's name was placed in nomination at the Denver Convention Center a chant erupted from among the 5000 delegates in attendance: "NO MONSTER!," they shouted in unison- echoing Sam Powers' assessment of that evil bitch from hell. She's a monster.

The streets of Denver will erupt in indignation- and more- if the evil-one steals the nomination. Guaranteed.