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Post Post subject: What happened to Reality Uncovered?
Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2008 12:15 PM
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Readers here are intimately acquainted with Reality Uncovered Forum. Many of the members here are also members (or banned members) there: Wyz, Ryan Dube, Chorlton, Murnut. Jake Reason, Zep Tepi, John Hicks, Hibits, Kali, Kiwi, Shawanna and the entire Cartoon Syndicate to name just a few. Considering that they have only 150 members, Wyzwyrlde forum members constitute a sizable minority of their membership.

I'm certain that this gaggle of dual members has become aware of the recent decline in interest in that forum. At this moment, for example, there are exactly 3 users accessing the site.

Why is this in spite of the recent make-over of the site interface?

There are several reasons for this pathetic performance:

1. The site has become abjectly debunkerist in the method and style of the late (and thoroughly discredited) Phil Klass. Imagination and outside-the-box thinking will always get one banned there. For original thinkers access will always be denied. In fact the moderator who performs these intellectual executions even proudly calls himself "Access Denied." The last person who had the temerity to join, Allantree, was hacked to death in a matter of minutes for the great crimes of:

A. Criticizing Ray Hudson and
B. Using a proxy to sign up in the first place.

No-one has joined since. They chase potential members away.

They have redesigned their forum to add color, complication, and advertisements. They've also added links to a PayPal contribution site. I would ask them- how many of your 150 members have availed themselves of this opportunity to contribute? My guess would be 'none.'

I suppose the main problem with the current incarnation of RU is this: Phil Klass did it better.

Good luck to you- and your 3 lurkers.

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