Saturday, April 19, 2008

No Peace without Hamas

General Striker says:

Jimmy Carter. Can it be the case that this man is the last of the truly courageous American politicians? Is there another who is willing to confront the Zionist/ Neo-Con cabal that defines American Middle East policy? Is there another who has the chutzpah to stand up to AIPAC? The short answer is- no.

Since 1948 American policy towards the region has been tantamount to supporting the establishment of a European green-zone at the heart of Palestine. In medical terms that is the perfect prescription for transplant rejection. And rejected it has been. Why? The post-Holocaust righteousness has devolved into the Brooklyn syndrome- if you’re not a Jew, you’re a schwartze.

It has been a coterie of Zionist true believers- among them Wolfowitz, Pearl, Ladeen, Lieberman, et al- which snookered the Republic into the Iraq quagmire at the cost of a TRILLION DOLLARS and a million dead- all for their ‘vision’ of Israeli security. Jimmy also sees this.

Compare Jimmy Carter's position on Israel to that of the Bush administration- as typified by Joe Lieberman:

…From Jeffersonian Liberal to Neocon Republican thug

When Connecticut voters went to the polls in 2004 they were certain that they were voting for the Joe Lieberman they knew and loved- that somewhat liberal Democrat with a high respect for ethics and love of American values. How disappointed they are that he turns out to be sharp-toothed Likudnik who saw fit to reject the Democratic Party and embrace the Repuglican Devil. They ought to have known that from the very beginning of his career he had but one true agenda- one not very different from that of Meir Kahane- unmitigated support for Israeli Apartheid. His political history closely matches that of the State of Israel itself- a constant descent from imaginative altruism and hope into the depths of nihilistic cynicism: from the generous and inspiring Israel of Abba Eben into the neo-nazi hell of Bebe Netanyahu.*

Neither Israel nor America is well served by this quisling and Jimmy knows it.

So what, exactly, would serve Israel? Simply this: an alliance with the similarly oppressed- the Palestinians- with a goal of over-throwing the kings, oligarchs and the religious nuts of the region and the establishment of one unified nation dedicated to peace and knowledge. And although this solution may not have occurred to Jimmy Carter it is nonetheless implied by his method. Bring Hamas and Israel together and forever change the world.

The central problem with this scenario is Jewish religious based arrogance- the schwartze syndrome. And it is bad actors like Lieberman who keeps it alive.

* General Wobbly Striker, 2008