Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Access Deniar in full mod regalia, May 1, 2008
The bloodletting continues...

Access Deniar has once again banned John Lear and in a new fit of ethnic cleansing has threatened both Zorgon and Caleban (who once apparently accused this self-styled gauleiter of being a government spy) with a similar fate.

Anyway, I’ve suspended John’s account on the off chance he actually intended to come up with something new in the next day or so. John, take as long as you want to prepare your response and email it to me at propulsion.research@gmail.com should you decide you miss us. :) I’ll forward it to yfxxx and Ray for peer review and if they think it’s worthy of further discussion we’ll see how it goes from there.

He now senses that he's surrounded by enemies! He's even accused Shawanna of being part of some sort of conspiracy against him. Can you say, 'paranoid nazi?' And can it be long until there's no-one left there but him and his fascist butt-boy Ray Hudson?


John Lear has been banned by Access Deniar. Surprised? -- proving once again that this committed sophomore is unable to fathom the famous warning by General Striker:

“Argument is all that stands between creation and entropy.”

How long before Ryan Douche returns from his self-imposed absence to restore the circle-jerk tepidity that has for so long characterized this ridiculous cabbal of debunkerists? His very ego requires that he call his little band of voidist complainers back into the sweetly decadent arms of his Jesus.

Steve Broadbent replies, 4/29/8:

Once again, you are wrong. Are you going for a record to see how many things you can post which have no basis in reality or something?

You really should take a break once in a while, seriously.

Reply to SB by the General, 4/29/8:

Well- I notice that you've reversed the guy's decision. Excellent. But the fact remains that he still sees fit to ban anyone with whom he might disagree. That's bad form for a forum that's supposedly committed to free speech. The lot of you has an abject mob mentality. Can't you see that? And my statement concerning 'entropy' stands. While any forum is probably little more than a gathering of little plaints in the void it still might have creative force if all diverse viewpoints are both encouraged and allowed. Even an occasional devolvement into 'fuck-yous' is apt and valuable. Silencing the 'fuckyouerists' is not. Just let 'er rip for crissakes.

Original post:

Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2008 10:05 AM

The attack dawgs have been unleashed on Above Top Secret over at this mendacious little forum.

Of course, anyone who might come to Marc Allin's defense over there has already been summarily banned from posting so look for blood in the breach.

The attack is being led by that insidious couple- Access Denial and Shawanna- with the help of several other jealous cult members- now including (ta daaaa) John Lear of all people.

In the wake of Steve Broadbent's makeover of the forum (which rendered it confusing and awkward) he and Doobie Doo are in dire need of hits. Where they come from they care not- even to the extent of turning over editorial control to Denial (whose only qualification seems to be his prior status as a gnat on Springer's ass over at ATS.) Just the hits, ma'am.

Of course Shawanna has eagerly joined the feeding frenzy despite her rather inept apology to the Amigos (quoted below) for previous lies and rants.

Shawanna, 1/10/07:

After a lengthy discussion with Zep, Ry and HH, we agreed that this thread got way out of hand and off topic.

I want to personally thank Simon for responding directly to the questions.

I also want to apologize for implying anything nefarious as it appears from Simon's direct response, as well as the opinions expressed by the other two ATS staff that the implications contained within the original posters thread at ATS may not have been accurate.

All posts after Simon's direct answers have been moved to the Disciplinary section of the forum to preserve the history (and remind Shawnna not to make an ass of herself on more than one forum in more than one month.)

Like SO said, no one is perfect, and it appears that applies to me more than anyone else here today.


Compare the above to her latest hateful rant from yesterday:

Every time someone reading here at RU clicks on a posted link to ATS, the end result is to continue to line the pockets of the manipulative, deceitful and if proven true, hoaxing owners, Mark Allin, Bill Irvin and Simon Grey.

Good luck to Tom and Shawanna and the rest of the icky feelings pool over there, for as she says: "The only thing we found that makes the emptiness bearable is................... each other."

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